Hofner TREMALUXE TYPE 4 – Tremolo pedal

€ 249,00 incl. BTW

60s tremolo

Individually handmade the Tremaluxe FX pedal has been carefully designed to deliver that uniquely 60s tremolo sound used on so many recording from that era. The four controls – Wave, Shape, Speed, Depth – allow ultimate control so that you can achieve the exact sound required for your performance. It is easily possible to create the tremolo used by those instrumental groups from the early 60s on so many famous recordings or it can be pushed to deliver brilliant wave forms for contemporary rock.

The Tremaluxe Type 4 pedal is a unique, vintage sounding tremolo, with many opportunities for you to experiment with your sound. Designed to bring you the classic textures you love and know through to some extreme and amazing effects.

With the Wave pot you can change between 6 modulation wave form (sine, triangle, square, saw, reverse saw and half sine). The Shape pot is a magic pot, with this you can distort the modulation wave forms - this knob lets you control how evenly the signal rises and falls. Set it in the middle for a traditional, even rise-and-fall effect, or turn it left or right for wild effects. The Speed pot change the speed of the modulation and the Depth pot change the amount of the effect. Finally the Gain trim pot lets you change the output volume.

True bypass.